Tire 3.50 x 16 # 900.0848D


Tire #900.0848SS; 3.50x 16", vintage Block "C" pattern. FINALLY! A tire that really fits the Puch 250! This is the Duro 3.50 x 16; 4 ply tire. It has the tall sidewall that is very similar to the original Semperit tires. This tire fits Puch 250 1954-1966 both front and rear, also fits 1967-1969 Puch 250 REAR ONLY.
Excellent, value priced option for vintage-looking tread pattern. These are available in sets with inner tubes and rim strips for a package price. You can also order just tire and tube separately. This is the listing for just one tire.
Use this tire on the front and rear of most Puch 250's 1954-1966. It is also used on the REAR only of the late model (Square tank) 250 1967-1969.

  • Used on: Puch 250 1954-1966
  • Shipping Weight: 12lbs
  • Application: Puch