Tire 3.50 x 16 # 900.0848P


Pirelli Tire 3.50 x 16 # 900.0848P; this is a LOW PROFILE tire for your Puch 250.
The fact is that the tire industry is changing, and those of us in vintage parts are getting left in the dust. Thankfully Pirelli has just added this good looking 16 inch tire to their line.

The side wall of this tire is quite a lot shorter than the original Semperit tires. That is what "LOW PROFILE" means.
We have a reference sheet on our Tech Tips page that shows these differences. These Pirelli tires work best in pairs. These are great if you want to slam the bike and make it nice and low, but still look vintage correct.

  • Used on: Puch 250 1954-1969
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5lbs
  • Application: Puch