Crankshaft # 302.; MS 50


Crankshaft # 302.; for LATE MS 50 engines (mopeds 1960-1964).
These are high-quality, replacement crankshafts from Europe.
This crankshaft is for MS 50, 2 speed (hand shift) engines. It uses a 12mm wrist pin as opposed to the 10 mm pin that was originally in the late MS 50. This is a vast improvement in design as the 10mm pin was too small to begin with and with this crankshaft you also get a needle bearing in the small-end of the connecting rod.
We stock a standard bore, 38mm piston kit that has a 12mm wrist pin to match this crankshaft (part # 52.1.1006.2R). We also stock a complete replacement cylinder with piston to match this crankshaft allowing to completely rebuild the crankcase of any MS 50 moped.
If you want a larger piston for over-bore repair of your cylinder we also stock a 38.5mm piston kit with 12mm pin (part # 52.1.1006.6R).
Note: There are no new 10mm crankshafts available for MS 50.
If you have questions about the fit or application to your project just give us a call.

  • Used on: MS 50 Moped
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • Application: Puch